Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition

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In Spring 2018, William and Mary Student Leadership Development encourages students to participate in Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition! This is a program designed to help student leaders know their strengths and understand how their strengths can be applied to their work and leadership practice. We would like to help explain the why behind Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition. William and Mary utilizes StrengthsQuest provided by Gallup that provides students the resources to discover their strengths and how to apply them. Gallup explains the concept of StrengthsQuest for helping college students get the most out of their work and education:

Gallup finds that just 39% of college grads are engaged at work. And only 11% are thriving in all five elements of their well-being.

So, how can [campus] leaders increase the value of the college experience for students?

You start by helping students discover their natural talents; then teach them how to develop their talents into strengths, and coach them to apply their strengths during their experiences on campus.

Student Leadership Development believes that self-reflection helps to foster effective leadership and engagement in all aspects of involvement and academics. Below is a video featuring Tom Matson, senior executive leadership strategist for Gallup Education, explaining how and why universities across the country utilize StrengthsQuest. SLD encourages you to participate in Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition yourself or share this blog post with William and Mary students or student groups who would like to know more!

Elevating Change Series: An Introduction to the Social Change Model


Authored by: Jennifer Leung Associate Director of the Office of Student Leadership Development

As a young professional in grad school, I was first introduced to the Social Change Model as a foundation for how I do my work as a leadership educator and it has remained a constant throughout my professional journey.  I’m sure when you hear “models” and “foundations” when talking about leadership, it makes the leadership seem kind of abstract, but it’s really not.  In my opinion, it’s the Social Change Model that really makes leadership simple and approachable.  At its core, the Social Change Model is this:  Learn more about yourself, learn how to work with others and in community, and by leveraging that knowledge and partnerships, you can create positive change for the organizations and causes you care most about.

You may be wondering, what it is about this model that makes it so approachable…..there are several “key assumptions” about leadership that help shape the Social Change Model:

  • Leadership is collaborative
  • Leadership is a group process, not the authority of an individual
  • Leadership is based on values
  • Leadership can be practiced by anyone, it’s not reserved for the select few with titles or positions
  • Leadership is about change

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development was developed in 1996 by a group of leadership specialists with undergraduate students in mind.  In honor of the 20th anniversary of the Social Change Model, members of the Student Leadership Development staff will be posting about the various components of the model: Consciousness of Self, Congruence, Commitment, Collaboration, Common Purpose, Controversy with Civility, Citizenship, and Change.

This series also serves as a lead up to “Elevating Change: William & Mary Celebrates 20 Years of the Social Change Model.”  This event is a conference for student leaders who are interested in learning how to be more effective leaders and how to cultivate impactful change for the organizations and causes they care most about.  We hope you will join us for the conference on November 12th!  Please visit our website to learn more about the conference: http://www.wm.edu/offices/studentleadershipdevelopment/leadershipconference/index.php