Mentoring Matters 2018

Over the next couple of weeks, Student Leadership Development will be sharing information about mentoring and why mentoring matters, especially on university campuses. Research has shown that mentoring relationships can greatly improve college student outcomes, including leadership development, success in college, and an overall feeling of support and well-being. For these reasons, SLD works to promote the idea of Mentoring Matters to William & Mary students in the Spring!

Why do we promote mentoring?

Research on college student success has shown that mentoring is important to student growth, especially in their leadership development. Jabaji, Komives, and Dugan highlighted this relationships between mentoring and leadership in Mentoring Relationships Matter in Developing Student Leadership (2008). They highlighted the Multi-Institutional Study of leadership, which discusses two main functions of mentoring relationships: career and psycho-social functions. The career function occurs due to the fact that mentoring relationships can help students prepare to succeed in the workforce through “sponsorship, exposure-visibility, coaching, protection, and challenging assignments” (Jabaji et al., 2008, p. 7) The psycho-social function of mentoring occurs when the mentee is supported and encouraged to succeed by their mentor. Given this, researchers who are invested in college student success encourage universities to promote the idea of Mentoring Matters in order to help students realize the benefits, reflect on their own mentoring relationships, or seek out mentors who will invest in their success.

The goal of Student Leadership Development and Mentoring Matters is to encourage William and Mary students to:

  • Reflect on their mentoring relationships
  • Thank their mentor for their support in their development
  • Understand both sides of a successful mentoring relationship
  • Learn how to seek out a mentoring relationship

Stay turned for Student Leadership Development’s upcoming blog post for more information on why and how Mentoring Matters for William and Mary students! We will also be sharing information on our Facebook and hope to see you there!

Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition

Register to participate in Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition by January 23 by 5pm! Elevating Your Personal Best: Strength Edition Registration

In Spring 2018, William and Mary Student Leadership Development encourages students to participate in Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition! This is a program designed to help student leaders know their strengths and understand how their strengths can be applied to their work and leadership practice. We would like to help explain the why behind Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition. William and Mary utilizes StrengthsQuest provided by Gallup that provides students the resources to discover their strengths and how to apply them. Gallup explains the concept of StrengthsQuest for helping college students get the most out of their work and education:

Gallup finds that just 39% of college grads are engaged at work. And only 11% are thriving in all five elements of their well-being.

So, how can [campus] leaders increase the value of the college experience for students?

You start by helping students discover their natural talents; then teach them how to develop their talents into strengths, and coach them to apply their strengths during their experiences on campus.

Student Leadership Development believes that self-reflection helps to foster effective leadership and engagement in all aspects of involvement and academics. Below is a video featuring Tom Matson, senior executive leadership strategist for Gallup Education, explaining how and why universities across the country utilize StrengthsQuest. SLD encourages you to participate in Elevating Your Personal Best: Strengths Edition yourself or share this blog post with William and Mary students or student groups who would like to know more!