Engage| Elevate| Explore

SLD_3Es_graphicI’m going to try to stop saying “leader”and “leadership.”

Our office gets to share the message of student leadership development pretty regularly – which is a great way to spend your work days.  Except it’s also easy to determine that everyone has a preconceived notion about what “leadership” is or isn’t.  And sometimes the actual use of the word leader or leadership distances people and that’s the last thing we’re hoping for.

The Office of Student Leadership Development has just celebrated our 2nd anniversary here at the College.  We have a mission that tells the world who we are and how we approach our work but it really boils down to just three things.  And these three things are, for us, the critical components to supporting ALL students.

  1. Know yourself.
  2. Know what you care about.
  3. Take action to create positive change.

If you are in action on these three things, then you are doing “leadership” and you are being a “leader.”  It’s that simple.  So I’ll be dropping the L-words and instead I’ll be talking about how we can all engage, elevate, and explore (ourselves, the things we care about, and the communities we are a part of and/or where we want to see positive change).

We hope this new blog from SLD will give you a place to reflect on where you are engaging, elevating, and exploring for yourself both across campus and in the communities you care about most.

– Anne Arseneau