Discuss Difference 2018


During the week of April 23-27, Student Leadership Development will be promoting the Discuss Difference initiative. We chose this week because it is also the National Week of Conversations sponsored by the Bridge Alliance Education Fund. Discuss Difference (and the National Week of Conversation) helps to promote the idea of having purposeful and civil conversations with peers.

What are socio-cultural conversations?

Socio-cultural conversations are formal or informal dialogues with peers about and across differences. Topics can include (but are not limited to) race/ethnicity, lifestyles, customs, social issues, political values, and religious beliefs.

 Why are socio-cultural conversations important?

Socio-cultural conversations with peers are the strongest predictor of socially responsible leadership capacity for students. Discussing differences impacts leadership development because these discussions require students to:

-Clarify and articulate their own perspectives

-Seek better understanding of others’ world view

-Understand how personal values fit into larger social structures and perspetives

-Discern how to work with different communities to initiate positive change

During these week, SLD will be promoting Discuss Difference on social media by sharing videos of staff and students sharing their ideas of how this idea presents itself at William and Mary. We will also be sharing events and opportunities happening around campus that give students the opportunity to learn more and talk with peers! Keep an eye out for more information on the blog this week and across our social media outlets.

National Week of Conversation