#NoTitleNeeded Leadership Spotlight: Sam Ryan

In this post, senior Sam Ryan tells us what No Title Needed means to her and how it has guided her leadership experience here at William and Mary.

#NoTitleNeeded means leadership isn’t reserved to the extroverted and popular. It means caring about your involvements and not just looking for resume fillers. It means great leadership isn’t only practiced from titled positions. I’ve held my fair share of titled leadership positions throughout high school and in college, but some of the most rewarding leadership experiences I’ve had haven’t been in titled positions. This past year, I’ve become very involved in Church activities both on and off campus and that’s primarily because I love it! Passion is a great motivator for good leadership. I’ve found myself taking on more responsibilities and being a leader among my peers despite not having an official leadership role. I’ve also found more enjoyment in organizations where I have genuine passion, even when I don’t have a leadership position! Everyone has great capacity for leadership. By finding your passion, being dedicated, and volunteering your time, anyone can be a great leader—title or not!