#NoTitleNeeded Leadership Spotlight Sarah Lucas


Student Leadership Development wants to recognize Sarah Lucas, a senior who practices leadership without a title in choir. Thanks for sharing your inspiring words and telling others how you practice #NoTitleNeeded!

“Titles are just a formality, but contribution is tangible. When I first came to William & Mary, the organization fair was to say the least, overwhelming. There were so many older and experienced students jumping at me left and right trying to get me to follow them. I had spent the whole summer wondering what was the quality that makes  William & Mary student a William & Mary student, and during orientation, it seemed that everyone else around me was looking for the answer, too. I got my answer at the fair: everyone here has the capacity and desire to lead. It’s something that comes naturally to us. After realizing this, my new conundrum was this: how can I lead in a place where everyone else is a leader too?

     Like anyone else, I found an organization where I felt that I fit in well–choir. I loved choir, and I still do. I really looked up to the officers and wanted to lead like them from an executive position, but as a freshman that was out of the question. So I found another way to be involved. I spent the whole year participating in all of the choir’s events, even the voluntary ones. I woke up early and gave up a weekend or two to help decorate our homecoming float, carried boxes of programs to concert venues, and even willingly helped assemble and disassemble the risers. I did those things because I loved to help, and helping made things run more smoothly. In reflection, I might not have had a title that authorized me to delegate responsibility, but I was leading. I was doing more than doing nothing, and I could see what my work directly impacted. And although the fruit of the choir’s labor may just be smiles on the faces of the audience, that’s all the motivation I need, no title needed.”