Finding Your Path to Meaningful Involvement

Leaders are moved by what they care about to make the world a better place.” – Student Leadership Development

Last week, we discussed the importance of involvement to the college experience and finding meaning throughout the lifespan. As the Office of Student Leadership Development gears up for our Depth Over Breadth campaign, we will take this opportunity to introduce how to discover a path to meaningful involvement and why we encourage depth of involvement over breadth of involvement.

Here at William and Mary, we have over 450 different recognized student organizations. Looking through the directory of these organizations can feel overwhelming when you want to become involved, but have not yet decided where to become involved. In order to discover a path towards involvement that is right for you, it is helpful to first reflect. This can come in the form of asking yourself some questions such as:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • Do I have career and professional goals I would like to begin working towards?
  • What are some societal issues I feel strongly about helping to improve?
  • What activities, sports, or hobbies do I enjoy doing in my free time?

Asking yourself these questions is a great start towards becoming involved in organizations with a mission you truly care about and feel connected to. Here in SLD, we call this mission alignment “the why.” When you feel passionate about an organization or cause, you are more likely to follow through and become deeply involved. W&M’s hundreds of student organizations cover a wide range of interest categories including those such as religion, culture, social justice, sports, professional development, hobbies, and community service working with children, the elderly, and the environment. With so many options, students are bound to discover organizations with missions they care deeply about. Studies have found that this “deep” involvement in causes fosters more meaningful leadership development compared with involvement in a breadth of organizations. Do you see where I’m going with this????


Student Leadership Development is committed to promoting that deeper involvement fosters more meaningful development and leadership than participation in a breadth of organizations. In next week’s blog post, we will officially introduce and discuss Depth Over Breadth and how it relates to student involvement, leadership, and why Student Leadership Development is so passionate about promoting this message to our students.

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