#NoTitleNeeded When Home for the Holidays

Authored by: Jennifer Leung

Next week many of us will head home to begin a season of holiday gatherings with friends and family.  One question you are sure to be asked (other than “what’s your major and what are you going to do with it after graduation?”) is “so what clubs did you join?”  Here’s a great opportunity to practice #NoTitleNeeded.

When responding to the question(s) about what you are involved in at William & Mary, try not to list off the organizations and positioned leadership titles you hold, but instead start with sharing what you care about and how that drives your involvement on campus.  Here’s how it might play out:

Aunt Martha: “It’s so good to see you William/Mary!  I hear from your mom that you are becoming quite the leader on campus, tell me about the clubs you joined and what positions you’ve been elected to.”

William/Mary: “Well Aunt Martha, since I’ve gotten to school, I’ve really learned that I care about building community and helping other students feel supported and included, so I’ve chosen seek opportunities on campus that let me do good work on campus to do just that.”

Aunt Martha: “But I thought you were an RA?  What other positions do you hold, you were always a leader as a kid.”

William/Mary: “Your right, I am an RA, but not because of the title, but because it gives me a chance to help new students in transition feel welcome and like they are a part of our William & Mary community.”

Obviously, your conversation isn’t going to be so scripted and formal, but you get the idea……lead with what you care about, rather than the position or titles you hold and you’ll be practicing #NoTitleNeeded! You might be hesitant to try this at first, like that suspicious looking side dish one of your relatives brought….but just try it, you might like it.

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