Student Leadership Development’s #NoTitleNeeded November

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader…They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role-always about the goal.” – Lisa Haisha

Join us this year as we celebrate #NoTitleNeeded this November!

Join us this November as we celebrate #NoTitleNeeded!

Student Leadership Development’s #NoTitleNeeded initiative exists to encourage students to recognize and celebrate where leadership and contribution take place without a reliance on position, title or role. Leadership is a process amongst all members and through #NoTitleNeeded we work to elevate the concept that it is not about the role (or title) but always about working toward a shared goal together.

During the 2016 #NoTitleNeeded initiative, we hope you and your organization will focus on emerging contributors within your group or cause. The belief that you are capable is one of the greatest contributors to leadership efficacy. Build this leadership efficacy in your members by thanking them for the (#NoTitleNeeded) contributions they are making to your shared goals.

SLD is excited to celebrate #NoTitleNeeded and we hope you’ll join us! Join us in Sadler Center on Tuesday, November 15th through Thursday, November 17th to pick up swag, participate in the photo campaign with the #NoTitleNeeded boards, and write a note card to someone who you would like to recognize.

Do you want to celebrate #NoTitleNeeded, but in need of materials? SLD is offering a #NoTitleNeeded pack complete with buttons and stickers! You can register to pick up a #NoTitleNeeded Pack here: Please register by Friday, November 18th and packs will be ready for pick up in the Student Leadership Development Office (Campus Center Room 203) between Tuesday, November 15th and Tuesday, November 22nd.

Be sure to check out our handy guide here with suggestions on ways to recognize others:  #NoTitleNeeded Resource. Remember that the sky’s the limit as you recognize others!