Depth Over Breadth Student Spotlight: Ben Zhang

Today’s Depth Over Breadth student spotlight is Ben Zhang.

Ben’s nominator shared,
“Humans is one of his few commitments at W&M, but he excels at it in an extraordinary way that I do not think it would be where it is today without his thoughtful guidance and leadership.”

When asked to reflect on Depth Over Breadth, Ben shared,

Honestly, I think so many people on this campus exemplify fine leadership in their lives without even realizing it. Leadership can be as simple as taking the initiative in a class discussion or settling a conflict between friends. In some ways, we are literally “leading” our lives, and just like any other type of leadership, leading ourselves well requires a serious sense of mission, as well as a keen artistry in creative maneuvers. A lot of how I lead comes from my reflections on my own experiences working with other people, so perhaps my leadership style is simply an extension of my life.

On behalf of the Office of Student Leadership Development, thank you, Ben for your leadership and commitment!

Ben Zhang HoWM_DepthOverBreadth

Ben Zhang wanted to share this picture along with the following students who are members of the Humans of William & Mary team: Sarah Garratt (’16), Anna Booman (’18), Siobhan Doherty (’19), Dani Aron-Schiavone (’17) Jack Zhang (’18), Brenna Cowardin (’19), Rahul Truter (’19), Allison Shomaker (’16)