Depth Over Breadth Student Spotlight: TJ Soroka

Today’s Depth Over Breadth Student Spotlight is TJ Soroka:

TJ’s nominator shared,

“As a student leader on campus, TJ proves that you can be a role model on campus without overbooking yourself.”

When asked to reflect on Depth Over Breadth, TJ shared,

“I think I would best describe my leadership style as the perfect mix of Henry Clay and Leslie Knope. I am hard-working and passionate, but at the same time I foster a fun-loving environment. I think this relates back to the Depth Over Breadth initiative because by focusing your efforts into only those things which you are passionate about, you create a positive and more enjoyable experience not only for yourself, but for the community around you.”

On behalf of the Student Leadership Development team, thank you TJ for your leadership and commitment!

TJ Soroka_DepthOverBreadth