Even When It’s Tough: A Reflection on Commitment

Authored by: Anne Strickland | Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Office of Student Leadership Development


What do you think of when you here that word?

Unfortunately, in today’s activity based society the word commitment often inspires thoughts of repetition and stasis. Where everyone is looking for the next big thing, who values commitment anymore?

When I was a student, I was surrounded by people telling me to do more, be more and keep striving to do it all.  But, when I had the opportunity my senior year to join an organization and focus on the work I was doing there, things really started to take off. I was truly enjoying my involvement and leadership and felt like my commitment to the organization helped me grow exponentially as a leader. This commitment was not just doing the job I was asked, it was volunteering for the other officer’s events, helping out in the office to fold programs, and helping further the ideals that the organization supported.

True commitment is not stasis. Commitment is actively deciding to focus your energy on a few things that matter to you and giving them your all. True commitment is the ability to stick with something even when it’s tough, and to keep coming back because lasting change does not happen overnight.

There is a reason Commitment is one of the Cs of the social change model. It is a value that one must make if one wants to become a successful leader.

To quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality”. So the next time you look at your obligations, think about making an active commitment to them, and you will grow as a leader exponentially.

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