Discovering A Path to Involvement

The Wonderful World of Leadership: Discovering A Path to Involvement

It has been a week since the Student Organizations and Activities Fair, which means for many new students, you are already thinking of what organizations you will be joining. Hopefully the fair felt like you entered a world of pure imagination without leaving you overwhelmed. During this time, the Student Leadership Development Staff encourages you to consider the organizations you will join in an intentional, mindful way. As you consider your path to involvement, consider the following questions:cropped-IMG_1896.jpg

  • What do you care about? (People, places, causes, events, trends, culture, etc.)
  • What skills, knowledge, or insights do you want to develop?
  • What energizes you or restores your well-being?

The key theme of these questions are meant to encourage and inspire the “why” you are joining a particular organization. As you reflect on the following questions, begin to think about why you are joining groups and what you bring to the organization. Asking and answering “the why” allows you to enter a new space with a mission, vision, and sense of purpose. The path to involvement can be a more enjoyable path, when you are making the connections. It is much more fulfilling to share why you joined an organization instead of providing a list of what you are involved in.

Many W&M students are driven by different desired outcomes. If you are feeling stuck, considering your involvement with these questions in mind will help refine your choices and enhance your experiences this year! You may want to be involved in an organization that is tied to:

  • Something you care about and want to continue with
  • Something you are interested in but have yet to try
  • Something that would advance your academic or professional interests

For more information about ways to get involved and for a full list of recognized student organizations, visit the website for the Office of Student Leadership Development at

We cannot wait to see how you answer ‘the why’ and navigate your path to involvement!