Defining Success

One morning, while scrolling through my regular digest of blogs and lifestyle websites I visit, I came across this video titled “Success.” As I watched, light bulbs were going off in my head and I found myself elated to find this. I just had the share it.

You see, this semester, Student Leadership Development began to talk with students about involvement differently. The norm around involvement has morphed into a culture where one may never do enough and students are constantly adding to their plate. Too often we find their involvement gets to a level where it can create negative outcomes. Lower grades, increased stress, increase overwhelm, etc. and it can easily get out of hand.

Then I found this video.

It added a different perspective to what we believe about involvement. We believe that deeper involvement in a few things has greater impact on a student’s experience then shallow involvement in many things. This video reinforces the notion that involvement can be whatever and however you decide to get involved and that success from that involvement might look different than your peers.

Your success in whatever you do is determined by you. It can look like whatever you want it to look like. In applying this line of thinking to involvement, one should ask, what does success look like?

We also know this can be a hard to do. When launching the #NoTitleNeeded campaign last year, it was eye opening to see many people struggle with the prompt “Where do you lead when no title is needed?” As this campaign kicks off again next month, we invite you to ask yourself these questions and reflect on what your success looks like.