“Example is Leadership”

VP Student Affairs Ginger Ambler

VP Student Affairs Ginger Ambler

Guest Blogger Vice President of Student Affairs, Ginger Ambler contributes her thoughts to the #NoTitleNeeded Campaign

“Example is leadership.”  In only three words, Albert Schweitzer’s famous quote captures perfectly what #NoTitleNeeded means to me.  At once empowering, and at the same time a bit intimidating, Schweitzer reminds us that, whether or not we realize it, we have the power, day in and day out, to influence others, to lead by our own example.  How do we lead by example?  By the words we say (or don’t say).  By the actions we take. By the way we prioritize our time.  By the way we respond to conflict.  By our willingness to apologize. By the optimism we share. By the ideas we put on the table.  By the creativity we inspire. By our courage in the face of injustice.  By offering thanks.  By honoring different perspectives. By opening doors of opportunity. By taking a risk. By speaking up. By allowing others to have a voice. If our goal is not “to be a leader,” but is, instead “to make a difference,” then our personal example really does emerge as the vehicle of authentic leadership.  We find ourselves leading because others see in us a passion worth sharing, a goal worth achieving, or a way of life worth emulating.  We lead because we help people work well together, because we elevate others above self, because our efforts are effecting change, and because we find fulfillment (when we’re lucky, even joy) in the shared endeavor.

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