From Where I Sit…

This guest blog from Margaret Connolly, Student Organizations Support Specialist
Office of Student Leadership Development

I’m surrounded by leadership every day.  Whether I’m assisting a student with an event request, watching students engage around campus, or engaging them on a topic they care about, I’m in the company of leaders.   At some point in your life whether you realize it or not, you will find yourself in a position of leadership or in the company of a leader.

From where I sit #NoTitleNeeded means taking on a responsibility, a duty, or a task in the service of yourself or others.  Following through on responsibility and commitments made is the hallmark of leadership.  “Leadership is about action, not position”.  Simply “showing up” and participating in what you care about is leadership, and that is happening everywhere every day!  Sometimes just showing up and participating is overlooked or under- appreciated, but take heart, you have skills and talents complimentary to the things you care about and no title is needed to authenticate that.  Those talents, offered without being asked will help elevate your organization as well as engage members to reach common goals.

The bottom line is this…..everyone has a leadership role to play within their organization and or among their peers.  I see it every day “from where I sit”.

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